Storage Containers in Granbury, TX

There are a lot of reasons you could end up wanting storage containers and if you reside in Granbury, TX then our highly recommended company can easily help. Portable storage in Granbury is a snap to locate and we’ve got various sizes including exceptionally big ones that double as supplemental home storage to the compact storage units you can use in the cellar. And if you need a mobile office in Granbury, TX we’ve got those as well. To find out more about our portable storage units and other products offered in Granbury, TX, take a moment to phone us at 888-637-9902 now.

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A Mobile Storage Unit for Every One Of Your Needs

Our company not only has mobile offices and portable storage units but our company in Granbury manages to do it at incredibly reasonable prices. We have accumulated an extremely in depth variety of the most commonly used (including a lot of the much less popular) units in order to service completely any clientele. Whenever your situation demands the use of something small such as an 8×10-foot mobile storage unit, or something that is much larger, for instance a 10×40-foot container, our company can provide you with such solutions, as well as everything in between. It doesn’t matter what you want to store – from household goods to important documentation – we have the storage unit to take care of it. And we will assist you to store huge goods like construction equipment as well.

AMES Storage Containers only delivers the toughest and the very best products made of solid steel for toughness. In addition,our products are resistant against rust, oxidation, and intense climate conditions too. Besides this, our storage containers and mobile offices also boast the latest security features which include things like barred windows and advanced security systems, to keep criminals and undesirable people out.