Storage Containers in Lawrence Township, NJ

You will find quite a few reasons you may end up requiring storage containers and should you reside in Lawrence Township, NJ then our company can certainly help. We lease and sell all sorts of portable storage units in Lawrence Township: from products small enough to serve as an additional storage space for your home’s basement, to full-sized storage containers measuring over 8×40 feet. Our company can even provide you with a storage container that operates as a mobile office for your business in Lawrence Township. If you live in Lawrence Township, NJ we certainly have the portable storage containers to suit your needs and all you need to do is call 888-637-9902.

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A Mobile Storage Unit for All Your Needs

Our company not only has portable storage units and mobile offices but AMES Storage Containers in Lawrence Township does it at really reasonable prices. We have amassed an incredibly complete assortment of the most regularly used (including a lot of the less popular) units to be able to service absolutely any consumer. When your situation necessitates the use of something compact like an 8×10-foot mobile storage unit, or something much bigger, for instance a 10×40-foot container, our top-rated company can supply you with such solutions, in addition to everything in between. Our wares may be used for holding absolutely any item you can consider, for instance critical office files, heirlooms, furniture pieces, automobiles, and more.

In addition to functionality, AMES Storage Containers’s products are designed tough. Every product that’s currently in our stock is produced using solid steel, so don’t expect it to bend or dent easily in case you accidentally knock a large object into it. These units are able to handle all types of weather and are rust resistant. Moreover, our storage containers and mobile offices also feature the latest security features (e.g. advance locking systems and barred windows) to keep thieves and unwanted guests out.