Storage Containers in Lakewood, NJ

The second you find yourself in a situation that demands the use of storage containers in Lakewood, NJ, let our experts at our top-rated company take care of things on your behalf. Portable storage in Lakewood is a breeze to find and we have a variety of sizes including extremely large units that double as additional home storage to the smaller storage containers which can be used in the basement. Besides all of this, we also have storage containers which can be used as mobile offices as well in Lakewood, NJ. To learn more about our portable storage units and other goods offered in Lakewood, NJ, feel free to phone us at 888-637-9902 right now.

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We Can Supply All Of Your Mobile Storage Units

Portable storage units and mobile offices are what AMES Storage Containers does best and we have the lowest prices in Lakewood. Our company can satisfy virtually any requirement you’ve got. We’ve got the most widely used units on the market as well as some tougher to locate ones. Whether you need a smaller mobile storage unit, such as an 8′ x 10′, or something that is more in the 10′ x 40′ spectrum our company has it all. Regardless of what you want to store – from household goods to crucial paperwork – we’ve got the storage unit to take care of it. And we can assist you to store good sized goods like heavy equipment as well.

AMES Storage Containers only provides the most durable and the very best products crafted from solid steel for ruggedness. These storage units are equipped for all kinds of weather and are corrosion resistant. On top of this, our storage containers and mobile offices also feature the latest security features , such as advance locking systems, to keep criminals and unwanted people out.