Storage Containers in Franklin, NJ

The moment you find yourself in a situation that demands the use of storage containers in Franklin, NJ, permit our experts at our highly recommended company handle things for you. It is possible to both lease and purchase portable storage units in Franklin, NJ. We are a portable storage business in Franklin and can supply every size from compact storage containers for inside your home to those 8×40 feet intended for outside the house. Our company can even supply you with a storage container that operates as a mobile office for your company in Franklin, New Jersey. If you reside in Franklin, NJ we’ve got the portable storage containers to suit your needs and all you have to do is phone 888-637-9902.

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Everything You Need in a Mobile Storage Unit

Everything you could ever need in portable storage units is accessible through our company and we’ve got highly economical prices on both the storage units as well as the mobile offices. We can meet virtually any need you may have. We have the most widely used units on the market as well as some more difficult to locate units. Our top-rated company offers mobile storage units in just about every size conceivable, from 8×10 to large 10×40 units. Files, pieces of furniture, heavy hardware or everything else you can imagine may be placed in our storage units without difficulty.

Our top-rated company only offers the toughest and the very best products made from solid steel for ruggedness. Rust and corrosion are not an issue and they are built for use in the toughest weather conditions. The security measures on these storage containers is top notch and you won’t have to be worrying about anybody getting into your mobile office.